He Kohikohinga Mahara: Personal Reflections From Uri

Online 6 part short series

Whether you’re a‘Tangata ako ana ki te kāinga’, went back regularly to stay with your Nan, or recently reconnected with your Pūkenga whakapapa– we hope you find a story you can relate with.

Thank you to all those who took the time to share their personal stories, and we encourage all Ngāti Pūkenga uri to register.

Mātaki mai!

Part 1: He Hokinga Mahara: Personal reflections from uri of Pakikaikutu Kāinga

First up in our online series we head to Te Nōta with our Pakikaikutu Kāinga. This captures a range of personal experiences in the Kāinga.

Thanks again to uri for taking the time to share their stories, and in some cases being vulnerable about their experiences.

We hope that this encourages all uri to warmly reflect on their own journey.

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