Ngāti Pūkenga ki Pakikaikutu Charitable Trust

Trustee Nominee Profiles - 2019


Ngāti Pūkenga ki Pakikaikutu Charitable Trust update
Kia Ora whānau,

The interim trustees for the Ngāti Pūkenga ki Pakikaikutu Charitable Trust would like to provide an update on the progress of the Trust.

On the 10th of July 2016 whānau present at the Ngāti Pūkenga ki Pakikaikutu hui at Tamaterau Hall voted “to set up a charitable trust to represent Ngati Pukenga ki Pakikaikutu”. Six establishment trustees were voted in to get the trust set up and to its first AGM. They were; John Ruka, Darrin Te Ahu, Leanne Brownie, Tania Pepi, Karen Lee and Tanya Munro-Parata. John, Darren and Tanya left over time for personal reasons.

On the 23rd of April 2017 Leanne, Tania and Karen presented the draft trust deed to the whanau at a hui at Tamaterau Hall. A number of changes were motioned and a vote was made to accept the deed with these changes.

On the 19th of December 2017 Leanne, Tania and Karen signed the trust deed and submitted the application to charity services.

On the 7th of August 2018 the Ngāti Pūkenga ki Pakikaikutu Charitable Trust was officially registered as a charity under the registration number CC55597.

Since this time, we have supported the organisation of Te Hui Ahurei on 16-18th November 2018, working bees on the whenua and opened a trust bank account.  We are now working toward the first Trust AGM where trustees will be voted in to continue with the Trusts purpose.

Nominations for trustees were called for on Monday 18th February 2019. Four nominations were received by the closing date of 18th March. They were; Leanne Brownie, Karen Lee, June Pitman and Anthony Munroe. Due to a clash of dates with Nga Tapuwae Nuku o Pukenga in Manaia, a decision was made to postpone the AGM and try again to get more nominations for trustees.

The second round of nomination will close on the 10th of May. Candidate profiles will then be shared online and via email to allow time for beneficiaries to get to know the candidates. Voting will take place at the AGM on Sunday 16th June and 3, 5 or 7 trustees will be accepted (as stated in the Trust deed) based on the number of nominations.  Proxy votes will be accepted in writing at the beginning of the AGM, only one proxy vote can be cast per attending beneficiary on matters listed on the agenda.  All whanau with whakapapa links to the 9 blocks that make up the Pakikaikutu whenua and their partners are eligible to vote.

The Agenda is as follows.
1 Mihimihi
2 Establishment Trustees Report
3 Nominees presentations
4 Election of Trustees
5 Treasury position appointment
6 Prioritizing projects

Rescheduled AGM Date and Call for Trustee Nominations

The Trust AGM has been rescheduled for Sunday 16 June 2019 and Trustees have opened the nomination period for additional nominations.  The Trust is seeking 7 Trustees to work within the Ngāti Pūkenga ki Pakikaikutu Charitable Trust bringing together the 9 blocks of the Pakikaikutu whenua.

Nominations close Midnight Friday 10th May 2019 and must be made on the official nomination form which is available HERE or by emailing Completed forms along with candidate profiles need to be returned before nominations close.

Any new candidate profiles received will be displayed below as well as on Facebook.  Criteria:  All nominees must be associated by whakapapa and meet eligibility criteria in the Pakikaikutu Hapu Trust Deed. Dependent on numbers of nominations 3, 5 or 7 Trustees will be voted in at the Trust AGM on the 16th of June, as per the Trust deed.

Candidates who have already received nominations will not need to be re-nominated.

Ngāti Pūkenga ki Pakikaikutu Charitable Trust AGM

10am, Sunday 5th May, Tamaterau Hall


1. Mihimihi
2. Establishment Trustees Report
3. Nominees presentations
4. Election of trustees
5. Treasury position appointment
6. Prioritising projects
Proxy votes on agenda items must be received in writing before vote.
Bring your dreams for the whenua and the whanau.

Ngati Pukenga ki Pakikaikutu Hapu Trust

Call for Trustee Nominations

Download the nomination form below.